Being Genuine - How we study and show ourselves

Today a Sikh man came into the shop where I work. He asked me if I did a lot of meditation or prayer because he felt that I was grounded and had a high spiritual energy. I said, very honestly, "No. But I try to be grateful for as much as I can." I had to explore a thought after that. What does it mean to meditate? To pray? Where does that feeling of grounding come from? Why are we so set at ease by certain people? Such a simple conversation with this man had me outright grinning and I had no idea why. In the moment when I asked myself if I meditated or prayed, I asked myself how often I intentionally create a space, sit down in it with a straight spine, close my eyes, and consider my thought


It is a misconception the the first step is always the hardest. Every step is hard. There is a moment of decision before each and every step forward; making the commitment to take the step happens over and over and over again. Or doesn't, until it does. Every step is uncomfortable and unknown, and the unknown is difficult to prepare for. It is important to acknowledge the great effort that goes into the movement we take forward, even if the end of the stairs is still out of site or if we feel we are not as far along as we should be. We can only start where we are and go from there. It is our choices and actions that carry us to the new and unexpected places where we discover how great we can

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