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Sasha is gifted with a wonderful vision. Her creations capture both the visual and visceral sensations of a moment in time. She approaches each project as a unique experience. Her eye for light, composition and form makes an ordinary moment extraordinary. Her art evokes in the viewer that amazing transition between reality and imagination.



Sasha was born in 1987 and showed a strong talent for the visual arts even as a young child. She excelled in drawing, painting, ceramics and theatre arts throughout her scholastic history and in 2009 she graduated from University of California Santa Cruz with a degree in photography. In 2010 she photographed her first wedding and, with the generous help of friends and family, her skills have been growing ever since. In 2015 the dream of Delighted Sol Arts became a reality.



"When I graduated my masters program, I asked Sasha to do my headshot. I wanted to use the photo for my new job.  Sasha gave me the most beautiful photo. I am camera shy and felt nervous about getting my picture taken. Sasha made me comfortable and the session was quite quick, I actually had fun! Even though I have had other professional pictures taken, I still use Sasha's photo for publication. It has been the best. I always get compliments on the photo she took. Thank you, Sasha!"



"Working with Sasha on a photo shoot was a pleasure.  She had a skilled eye for the light & texture of my space, and very naturally knew how to best create depth and warmth even in a tiny room. She offered numerous enhancements to the few ideas I brought to the table, and I felt very confident that I was receiving a high quality product.  Highly recommended!" 


(Portraits +)



"Sasha Neese has become the "official" photographer of the Tea House Spa. We turn to her for images to place on all our inter-net media.   Please check her out for tasteful and thoughtful images."


(Commercial- Atmosphere)



"We've looked at the photos and love them! They're beautiful, special, capture lovely moments, and we are so excited to have them. Thank you so much sasha, we're so happy with them!!"


(Wedding Photographs)



"Ohmygod Sasha! These are so gorgeous. Thank you for capturing how beautiful suspension feels; I love them."


(Event Photographs)

In Action



Santa Cruz CA

Tea House Spa

Santa Cruz CA

Mortal Dumpling

Santa Cruz CA

Samantha Rose Theraputic Massage

Santa Cruz CA

Andrew Porter Acupuncture

Santa Cruz CA

Robin Penney Yoga

Santa Cruz CA



Runner-up Best Photographer - Good Times Best 2013

1000 Hummingbird Benefit Concert & Silent Auction contributer 2011

Artist Statement


These paintings were created in a time of grief as a process of reconnecting with a place of peace and space within the chaos of intense and overwhelming emotion. I have always loved nature and the exploration of dreams and these works are a play between the two: a blending of the lines between what is real and what is imagined and how our emotions dictate how we perceive the world that surrounds us.

I wish to convey a sense of wonder and awe for both the vastness and the intimacy of our internal journey, as well as for the external world through which we move. Both the moon and trees are common themes of my paintings hinting at the concepts of growth and connection,  and the intention of lifting ourselves to greater heights. Ansel Adams’ work has been a great inspiration to me and I strive to emulate his love of light and substance in many of my pieces.

I will leave it to each person to find their own stories within the works. I encourage you to get up close and discover your own reactions to the paintings and share what you discover! Art is created out of the relationship between the work and viewer’s experience.  I very much hope that you enjoy.

-Sasha Neese



All images chosen for final edit are subject to photographer's choice. Client does not receive access to all photos taken by the photographer unless previously agreed to. Photographer is not liable for quality issues of final images due to weather or events outside of the photographer's control. For any concerns please contact Sasha.

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