Blending In

Updated: May 2

I was magic. I watched over two, a man and a woman. I few on wings as fast as humming birds and as delicate as dragonflies. i was more interested in the man. he had chosen for his workspace a small circle of stones around a one flat stone. how intriguing he had chose this spot. he made origami intently, barely noticed me. the paper so delicately made. forms of keys and other small objects set to the side in a box. i knew my time would be ending soon but there would be a future. when the man was away i placed my hand upon the circle “may this circle always have magic and bring luck to the one who keeps it.” I watched the time of centuries go by and ground shifted and people passed, but the circle was safe. the only magic left in the world.

I was an elemental. Earth. Past down through generations just awoken. It was easy. I practiced with the great stones on the floor, opened up caverns. My parents and brother and sister created water, fire, earth. A great game board left here for us. Escape. I’m moving quickly through the garden. I was flying. Seated in a wooden chair, my legs crossed, i flew along the crest of sand dunes. got just low enough to let my toes graze the sand. then higher. higher! I grabbed the arms of the chair as i noticed how high i soared. but i was safe. even if i fell from the chair, i could still fly i remembered. I need to rescue someone. the building is made of wood. the air and plants around me are humid and warm. I place my body against the wooden door and become it, move through it as part of it. the walls inside are thin and i can see the sun in the foliage outside. someone is coming. i stand with my back against the wall and begin to merge. i can feel my body separating, becoming the grain, becoming the slats. I move through the wood up the wall, cross a beam to the other wall and find a place were i can watch. they have her. i will take her. I emerge. vines grow from the dirt of the floor. some caught, some run. i have her. my precious little girl, i will give her a gift from the ruins of others lives.


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