Updated: May 2

A dream :

I’m trying to close the garage door, but having to move a bunch of stuff out of the way and some lady outside is trying to tell me (very irritating) how to do it. I finally get the door closed and start moving some things around inside. I am talking to someone. It’s my dad. We are laughing and talking about the lady. We get into an argument about something that ends with me asking where his cover-alls are. Then things get kind of quiet and I turn to him. I hug him. i can still feel the winkles in his skin and the warmth of his neck on my face. I tell him I miss him. He hugs me back and says something I do not recall. And i think how lucky I am I get to see him in my dreams sometimes and tell him how much I love him. I can still feel his hug and i wish he was here.


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