It was nice to see you

Updated: May 2

A dream last night found me in a van that wouldn’t start with a few other people. Maybe we are out of gas? I turn to the driver’s seat and my dad looks back, his hands hard at work under the dash. His overalls are covered in grease and i never hear him say a word. He just turns and makes those faces of his indicating something is stuck or hard to move. I smile and tell him what’s going on. Someone outside the passenger window asks who I am talking to to, i just smile and don’t say anything. My dad starts the van and scoots into the middle next to me. We drive up the mountain and pull over in a most beautiful place. I get out of the van and look back inside. he just smiles at me, and i smile back. I know they can’t see you, but i can. It was good to see you

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