It's uncomfortable how quickly the sky changes from dawn blue to the oranges and pinks of daybreak. I wish I had more time in the in between. More time in the mix of candlelight and reflections of the sunlight in the fresh sky. More time in the transition between waking and dreaming, the subtle and overly sudden movement between and the mind and the world. It is here that inspiration fills the sky.

There are days I feel as if I am only waiting through the day so I may see the twilight fade to dusk fade to night. There are days I await my waking dreams. I have found places in the twilight hours that have vanished in the daylight and the night. Places that exist only for a moment, and I often wonder if they were not simply a dream.

But that is the way of magic, that is the way of dreams - An entire story written in a instant that hangs and dances in your memories like the sun sparkle on a spider's web.

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