Updated: May 2

The calmest chaos I have ever seen. Plumes and puffs of smoke drift sideways through the air. Lights flood the beach and I make way for the waters edge. Phoom… BOOM! Phoom… BOOM! Crackle. Fireworks launch from the waters edge a hundred yards from me and 300 yards in the opposite direction. For a moment a green laser beam cuts across the smoke and is gone. A child makes a sand angel and it makes me laugh. They are right over me! BOOM! The vibration echos in me. Just like being a kid. Sitting on the street near the bay bridge looking out over the bay. Overwhelming, immense, soul filling vibration. You can see colors exploding for miles down the coast. Green and purple. Gold fountains. Red bursts. Pink sparkles. The blasts echo off the walls of the boardwalk. Phoom. BOOM! Crackle! My heart is delighted! The lights from the roller coasters move vibrantly, but are far outshined. Pop pop pop crackle pop pop crackle POP! A large group of people are singing. The smoke has a strange smell. Of fire and chemicals. Everyone is a child! Running, playing, lost in awe of the beauty of things! All is celebration! Children up way past their bed time. Decorated with glow sticks and running about. Man plays a steel drum on the sidewalk and a crowd watches the fireworks behind him and listen to his music. Cops very politely give a ticket to a hooded young man for being drunk in public. Time to go back. I can watch the rest from my window.

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