Fire at the Lighthouse

Updated: May 2

I start out on adventure. A short walk from the Boardwalk to the Lighthouse to see the fire that lights up Lighthouse Field every Sunday night. As I get closer the faint sound of drums invites my ears. I can hear laughter and strong voices vibrating through the air. The moon reflects off the ocean and the clouds. The grass on Lighthouse Field is wet, but i seat myself a little to the side and away from the large crowd gathered around the drums. Several smaller groups sit on the edge of the grass and people climb out of their cars to join or watch the festivities. The light from their headlights washes over the grass and lights up a girl fueling a hoop. I get excited as that means there will soon be fire. And soon enough out comes the lighter and Kevlar licks into flame. Others step onto the field to practice with various unlit devises. Someone narrates the evening to the beat of the drums. Some step out with wicks dripping and light-up with the hooper’s fire. I think about the lovely idea of sharing light and borrowing from others to brighten yourself.  Different styles and different tools dance across the grass. I move myself next to the drummers and enjoy a more up-close performance. People spinning for the crowd, for themselves and for my camera. 

Everyone playing to the beat.

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