On the waves

Updated: May 2

I am of the sea and the forest

I am of the moon and the stars

I watch the sky lanterns drift above the horizon

I think of you

But more, I think of myself and all I have become from what I learned from you

How to take the moment and love every instant of it

How to release expectations and create experiences instead of waiting for them to fall upon you

How to feel the ocean waves kiss your feet and know the cold is a blessing and not something to be feared

I think of myself and know that I am not alone

You are here in the wind

In the rippling, transforming reflection of the moon on the water

A reflection twice removed from the sun

A creation in its own existence

You are here in the sand between my toes as I am here in my toes wrapped around the sand

Together we are of life

Of ebb and flow

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© 2019 by Sasha Neese.